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Steam at the Movies

also known as Auld Steamie's Cinema!

Click on breakout symbol (where available) in selected video to view in full screen.

Some Tiny Steaming

Wilesco D5 Kit First Steaming

Guitar accompaniment played by my friend the late Bob Campbell.

Wilesco D9 Kit Driving Mamod Workshop First Steaming

Wilesco D22 Driving Mamod Workshop

Alien Walker.gif

Looks like we've got a movie buff here! Well that's fine.

It's just Zog wandering in from my ham radio web page!

Mamod Minor MM2 Post Restoration

Mamod SE3 Twin Cylinder in Steam

Mamod SE2 Super-heated Single Cylinder in Steam

Mamod SE1 Single Cylinder in Steam

Wilesco T125 Steam Turbine Engine with Direct Current Generator

Note the Voltage change as indicated on the Electrician's Multi Meter as the Steam Turbine speed varies.

Mamod Minor MM1 in Steam

RETROL Beam Engine Kit
First Steaming

Chinese Boilered Mamod SE2A In Steam

No explosions so far!

Wilesco D3 in Steam

Wheels and Wings at the National Museum of Flight on 23 September 2013

A great day out at East Fortune. My ability as a camera man is questionable and I don't have the luxury of a sound man to help me! It was a very windy day hence the high level of wind noise. Not to worry though, these lads gave us a great demonstration of their engines.

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