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Static Steam Engines


Pre-1957 Mamod SE1

This is my oldest Mamod Engine and its rebuild is described on my Restoration Projects Page.

Mamod SE2a Vintage Single Cylinder

Mamod SE3 Vintage Twin Cylinder

This is one of my two twin cylinder engines. It runs very smoothly even though it is an old engine. I was going to do some remedial work on it but decided it didn’t need anything doing except running it and keeping it in a clean and operable condition. It's nice to find such a good old runner like this one.

It has had some spit and polish! I started by giving it a new whistle as the old one was no longer serviceable and freeing up the cylinder and piston. The boiler, pipes and engine have had a good clean up using Brillo pads and Brasso.


All the moving parts move freely and it's had its first steaming. It runs extremely well. A minor leak from the boiler end of the engine feed pipe will soon be sorted with some silver soldering.

I won't be doing any repainting as I prefer to keep its "history" and not make it look like it's been totally refurbished. I prefer my old engines to have their "lived-in over the years" worked look.

Mamod SE1 Vintage Single Cylinder (Super-heated)

Another great "old" steamer. I won't be doing anything to it as it doesn't need "fixing". This engine has the super-heating function. A great vintage runner.

My second SE3 was found at a car boot sale one Saturday morning. It was in need of a funnel, whistle and safety valve with which I have now fitted it.

Mamod SE2 Vintage Single Cylinder

This early version of the SE2 came with the super-heating function but no reverser block. However, it does have a throttle control mounted on the engine block. On steaming it up I found a small leak coming from under the front edge of the boiler. Another silver soldering job! A good runner nevertheless.

Mamod SE1 Vintage Single Cylinder

This engine has no super-heating function. It's a good runner too. This is one of two non-superheated SE1s in my collection.

A Pair of Rebuilt Mamod MM2 Minors

The rebuild of the engine on the left is described on my Restoration Projects Page. The engine on the right is a later rebuild using Mamod parts that I have collected. I originally used a Mamod MM1 base for this one but that has been changed for the correct MM2 base. It's a good steamer too.

Mamod MM1 Minor

This is the smallest engine in the MM / SE range and steams very well considering its size.

A Trio of Mamod SP1s

Not just great steamers but very handsome ornaments too.

Wilesco D3

A very nice vertical boiler engine. This engine has needed to be run-in more than some of my other new Wilesco engines as it was very slow on its first steaming. Things are getting better and it is running very well now.

Wilesco D5 Kit

This is the first kit engine I have built. After a few hours assembly I have successfully steamed this engine.

Wilesco D14

The Wilesco 14 has a double-acting brass cylinder mounted on top of the boiler. The chimney smokes during operation. It seems to be quite a powerful little engine as it steams extremely well.

Wilesco D106

I just liked this one as it has a cosmetic "regulator" on it. The regulator is for show only and has no affect on the speed of the engine. A real regulator controls the amount of steam fed to the engine so controlling its speed.

Fleischmann 120/4 Vintage Engine

I don't know how old this engine is but is a very nice piece of engineering. Due to its age the flywheel is suffering from some metal fatigue, so it needs careful steaming! A recast flywheel is being planned for. A Fleischmann whistle would complete this engine, but that will come in time!

SEL Junior

This particular SEL Junior is equipped with a steam chimney which appears to be a cosmetic add-on that I have not seen on any other SEL engine.  It is mounted on a wooden plinth which adds to its stability when under steam. The fuel burner is not the correct one for this engine but that can be replaced.

Wilesco D8

I was very fortunate to find this engine at a car boot sale at East Fortune Sunday Market in East Lothian in 2009.

Wilesco D9 Kit

This is the second kit engine I have built. After a few hours assembly I have successfully steamed this engine.

Wilesco D22

The Wilesco D22 is a twin cylinder engine driving its flywheel and a four pulley driving shaft. The chimney smokes during operation.

Wilesco T125

This is a steam turbine engine driving a 12 Volt DC generator and also has an output pulley drive.

Dixon’s Plastics Toytown Flyer

This little engine was another e-bay purchase in need of some TLC.

Bittleston Steam Engine

I just couldn’t resist this one at less than £30-00 brand new!

This is a UK manufactured Vertical Oscillating Steam Engine with a 12mm (0.472") stroke and 6.35mm (0.250") bore. The engine stands 71mm (2.795") tall with a base measuring 50mm (1.969") in diameter. The flywheel measures 32mm (1.260") in diameter.

It comes ready for connection to an air or steam supply as it is fitted with 1/8” pipe fittings and olives for inlet and exhaust (unit tapped 1/4 x 40ME).

The base is tapped M6 to allow fixing to a base plate with a boiler.

The manufacturers state that it will run well if installed with a Mamod or similar boiler.

The Mamod 1336 Workshop

This comprises four tools: a polisher, grinder, press and hammer. It looks great when powered up. I normally use the Wilesco D14 Engine for this job as it has plenty of power and looks good too!

I have bought a boiler for the Bitteston engine. Both the engine and boiler are now mounted on a wooden base.


Meccano Steam Engine

This is a steam engine made for Meccano by Mamod hence the commonality of engine parts to both the Meccano and Mamod engines. I bought this one on e-bay.

The Mamod Hammer


Aquarius Grasshopper Type Beam Engine from the Cotswold Heritage “Premier” Range

I bought this beam engine at a collector’s auction sale in Midlothian. It is a single cylinder half beam steam engine. Half beam means the beam is pivoted at one end instead of centrally along the beam. The engine drives a water pump driven near the pivot end of the beam. The engine is built of brass and steel and incorporates a ladder and a wooden walkway. It will run on either steam or compressed air. Speed of the engine is controlled by a fully functional regulator. The engine is mounted on an imitation brick and concrete platform and is 12.5 inches (32 cm) high and 14 inches (36 cm) long.

APAP RETROL Full Metal Beam Engine Kit

This is my third kit and its build is complete. There is a photographic record of its construction in the section entitled Kit Building.

Chinese Boilered Mamod SE2A Engine

This project comprises a boiler from China and a Mamod SE2A steam engine I bought from e-bay. The piping and steam tap between boiler and engine are not ideal and could be a worry for the wary. However, after a few minor problems the whole set-up is working and can be seen steaming in the video section.


The Fairground

The Fairground is comprised of the following Fairground rides and other items:

One or two driving Steam Engines

Wilesco M70 Roundabout

Wilesco M72 Roundabout

Wilesco M77 Boats

Wilesco M78 Ferris Wheel

Wilesco M84 Roundabout

Wilesco M95 Striker

Wilesco M55 and M57 Transmission Assemblies

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