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Pop-Pop Boats

Mississippi Stern Wheeler

This pop-pop boat came to me as a wooden kit of a "Mississippi Steamer" many years ago. I built it up into a working model. The paddles are decorative and non-functional, the motive power being supplied by the pop-pop motor instead.

A great description of how a pop-pop motor works can be found in the excellent little book entitled "Live Steam Toys - A User's Guide" written and published by Roly Williams. For that reason I will not describe the pop-pop motor operation here. I will instead provide a picture of the motor.

Tin Plate Pop-Pop Boat

This boat is approximately 24 cm long and was manufactured in India. I like its decoration, very colourful!

A Brace of Pop-Pop Boats

A great pair of boats for a waterborne chase!

Cabin Cruiser Victoria

This is a slightly larger boat than the previous two and comes complete with crew.

SCHYLLING Pursuit Boat

This is a little larger than the Cabin Cruiser Victoria and has a crew as well.

Pop Pop Tug Boat

I just had to pander to the child in me. This is a cracking tin plate tug boat from where I haven’t a clue! Who cares? I like these toys for their simplicity and some folks would say “That’s not steam!” I don’t care, they are just a lot of fun!

Titanic Pop-Pop Boat

As the largest of my pop-pops it is approximately 38 cms in length. This is one boat I am keeping away from icebergs!

Pop-Pop Quad

A set of four pop-pop boats. Ideal for a four-boat race!

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