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Welcome to my web site in My Steam World featuring my model steam engines and a photographic library of other steam subjects. There is also a Web Links page which is well worth a visit.

I was always interested in steam trains as a kid but never was a train spotter! My first sight of a steam traction engine was in England's Black Country in the early 1950s; steam rollers and the occasional steam lorry (well I only saw the steam lorries about three times, I still don't know if they were working lorries or run by steam enthusiasts).

As I haven't got a large barn to keep a full sized steam engine in as the late and great Fred Dibnah did, I collect and run model steam engines mainly from the Mamod and Wilesco ranges.

I have other interests: amateur radio with the callsign GM6BRU, folk and country music guitar and learning the ukulele.


"Auld Steamie" AKA John Paul

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